Mawgrim's Worlds

The musings and interests of an ex-projectionist.

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Odeon Cavalcade

A photographic collection of Odeon cinemas throughout the UK, taken during the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Some are still open, some are now bingo clubs, churches or shops and some are nothing but distant memories.

Cinema Pictures

More pictures taken by Mawgrim and others. Cinema buildings, people who work in them and, of course, projection equipment.

Last Reels

Last Reels links the past fifty years of the cinema business in the UK with the lives of three people who work as projectionists.

The Dark Behind the Screen

A misguided experiment has awakened dark forces inside an old cinema. Can it be stopped before disaster strikes?

Cinema Ghosts

Many people who work in cinemas have stories of mysterious noises, apparitions and inexplicable phenomena. Find out more, and if you have a tale you would like to share, contact this site.

Mawgrim's Stories 1

A collection of short stories, some cinema related (surprise, surprise) and a variety of other topics.

Mawgrim's Stories 2

More stories, some fanfiction and some original works.

Last Reels

Last Reels is now published on Amazon in Kindle eBook format and paperback.