Many cinemas were turned into bingo clubs in the 1960's. These pictures, from the Odeon Cavalcade collection, show many ex-Odeons and Gaumonts after bingo conversion. Marvel at the wonderful tackiness of the interiors! Still, at least the buildings found an alternative use that didn't include being flattened and turned into a car park.

Where I have been able to trace the original names of these former cinemas, I have done so. However, if you are able to identify any unnamed locations, or correct any mistakes I may have made, please email me.

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Barnsley Alhambra 1 2Bedminster AmbassadorBournemouth Odeon
Bradford 1 2Burton PicturedromeCamden Town Gaumont 1 2
Chadwell Heath GaumontChester 1 2Chesterfield
Colchester Grand 1 2Cardiff (Splott)East Ham
Edgware Road Odeon 1 2 3Edmonton Regal 1 2Eltham Hill Odeon 1 2
FulhamGlasgow (Possil) 1 2Halifax Odeon 1 2 3 4 5
Hackney Road OdeonHornchurch TowersHounslow Dominion
Ipswich 1 2 3Unknown interiors 1 2 3Blackpool Grand

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