Projection Pictures

Michael Buck's Pictures

Michael was kind enough to lend me this series of pictures, showing a wide variety of cinemas he has worked in through his career in projection.

  1. 1st March 1957. Michael Buck.
  2. 1964. Star Cinemas, The Headrow, Leeds. Kalee 21's. Louis Gaunt.
  3. 1964. ABC Harrogate. Michael Buck.
  4. 1964. Palladium Cinema, Kirkgate, Ripon, Yorks (Associated Tower Cinemas).
  5. Palladium Cinema (colour picture)
  6. 1965. ABC Harrogate. Ross RCA sound system.
  7. 1971. Broadway Cinema, Letchworth, Herts. Mick showing 'When Eight Bells Toll'.
  8. 1971. Broadway Cinema, Letchworth. Mick and Stuart.
  9. 1972. Broadway Cinema. Victoria 8's and Autoarc.
  10. 1975. Palace Theatre, Eastcheap, Letchworth. Kalee 21's and Peerless arcs.
  11. Broadway Cinema. Victoria 8 and Super Zenith 450.
  12. 1984. Broadway Cinema.
  13. 1995. Odeon York. Die Hard III.
  14. 1995. Odeon Barnsley. Victoria 9 and Christie AW3. Installed new in 1980, when cinema was twinned.


  1. Odeon Portsmouth - The First Choice. Odeon Portsmouth - Fanatical About Film
    Thanks to Patrick for both these pictures.
  2. *Classic Portsmouth
  3. *Classic Weymouth
  4. *Classic Bridgewater
  5. *Classic Taunton 1 2
  6. *Classic Tunbridge Wells
  7. *Classic Bury
  8. *Classic Allerton
  9. *Classic Banbury
  10. *Classic Leigh
  11. *Classic Crosby
  12. *Classic Dewsbury
  13. *Classic Southport. *Southport by night
  14. *Classic Birkenhead
    *Thanks to Richard Shaw for all the Classic pictures.
  15. Odeon York 2001
  16. Odeon Harrogate 2001
  17. Odeon Kilmarnock 2001
  18. ABC sign outside Cosham. Cosham in its Classic days
  19. ABC Quinton. Another view of Quinton. Reel Quinton (2006)
    Thanks to Gordon Ford for pics of Quinton.
  20. Bury Odeon today. Thanks to Greg Taylor for the picture.
  21. The latest Odeon Taunton. Thanks to Dan Harris for pics of Taunton.
  22. Edinburgh Odeon shortly after opening. Thanks to Danny Hart for this picture.
  23. Faversham Odeon. Another view of Faversham.
  24. Faversham Classic.
  25. Southampton Odeon, closed in 1993.
  26. Reading Odeon, closed in 1999.
  27. Kensingon Odeon, around 1987.
  28. Holloway Odeon during the 1980's.
  29. Barnet Odeon, early 1980's. 'First Choice' Barnet Odeon. Barnet Odeon 2002.
  30. Cheltenham Odeon after refurbishment 1 2 Thanks to Chris Martin for the pictures.
  31. Streatham Odeon in the 1980's.
  32. Rialto Blackburn.
  33. Odeon Blackpool (colour).**
  34. Odeon Blackpool.**
  35. Odeon Bolton.**
  36. Odeon Bolton now.**
  37. Odeon Chorley.**
  38. Odeon Chorley now.**
    **Thanks to David Thistlethwaite for these pictures of Lancashire cinemas.

Behind the Scenes and Interiors

  1. Box 1 at York 2001
  2. One half of the projection room at Kilmarnock
  3. Westrex 7000
  4. Westrex Sound
  5. DP 75 running 70mm at Salford Quays Thanks to Bev Gilston for the picture.
  6. Screen 3 at Cosham
  7. Odeon 1 at York
  8. Essential maintenance!
  9. Auditorium at Faversham. Auditorium looking towards the rear. Thanks to Jonathan Goodbun for all pictures of Faversham.
  10. Screen 1 at Odeon St Albans
  11. DP 70's at the ABC Hanley Thanks to Tom Degg for the picture.
  12. Projection room at Cottage Road, Headingley, Leeds. Thanks to S J Moore for this picture.
  13. Auditorium of the Rialto Blackburn
  14. Odeon Blackpool auditorium(colour).**
  15. Odeon Chorley auditorium.**
    **Thanks to David Thistlethwaite for these pictures of Lancashire cinemas.
  16. The final show comes to an end at Barnsley Odeon.
  17. Barnsley Odeon - Screen 1 waits for the last customers to arrive.
  18. Barnsley Odeon - Screen 1.

Night Architecture

  1. Odeon Portsmouth
  2. Odeon Chelmsford 1993
  3. Odeon Taunton by night.
  4. Taunton's tower
  5. Rialto Blackburn
  6. Odeon Chorley at night.**
  7. Odeon Barnsley on closing night (17/9/05).

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